Looking for homes!

One red merle male from Huihai B-litter is without home. Active, social and happy puppy, looking for an active home. Can move from 1.6 onwards. Will be health checked 28.5 and registered after that. 

Adult fixed male Hearts of Destiny Bumblebee "Bisin" is looking for an better option than the current situation. No rush, he can also stay with me, but he would enjoy a home with more attention. He is a bit stressed by the other dogs (but not aggressive). He is a loving cuddly boy, and would need more attention and peace than I can offer. He is a very independent dog, likes to be outside and fool around in the yard, opens dors etc. No biddability, but we have trained some agility and dog school, so he knows things but often chooses to not participate and does his own thing. Not to homes with female dogs, he tends to hump. Has also been marking inside in a female dog-home, but is happy wearing pants.  Very car reactive. Fearful of noises, trembles and tries to excape or comes to me for hugs when afraid. Fears rockets, lightning and thunder, hard wind, when it rains loudly etc. Would prefer a calm home with no other dogs and lots of attention.