About us

My name is Sophie Lindström and I strive to breed Miniature American Shepherds (MAS), and in the future phalène, on a small scale in my home. My kennelname is Huihai and I attended the breeder's course in November 2016, after that I signed the breeder's agreement and applied for a kennelname, which I got in 2018. I have so far raised only one litter in 2022. I got my first MAS in 2020, my foundation female Chili (Wunderbaums Sea of Red). I got to know the breed through my sister and her MAS in 2018-2019, and before that I've owned Lapponian herders since 2011. I work my dogs actively in agility, Search And Rescue, herding and conformation shows. Since 2023 I have also gotten to know the breed phalène more through my female Uni.

I want to breed healthy MAS that conform to the breed standard but are also fit for dog sports and work like Search And Rescue. I use good-tempered and healthy, structurally sound dogs that appearance-wise mostly conform to the standard. Conformation titles are not my main goal, but I show all my dogs at least a couple of times to get a good judging on appearance.  I might breed dogs that for example are bigger than the standard, if they are otherwise sound. I focus on ability to work and health more than conformation. I strive to test my dogs in NHAT (Natural Herding Aptitude Test) and Finnish character tests.

In phalène I strive to breed a healthy little social dog, fit for many things, both as a good-tempered pet and a show dog or a sport dog in agility or some other sport. I want to breed dogs with a strong temperament, that look good enough to get results in conformation shows but are also healthy and energetic.

I use health checked dogs only (minimum knees, elbows, hips, eyes) and often do more extensive health checks than what is required. I use DNA testing. The puppies I produce are examined by a vet, eye-examined (MAS only), microchipped, dewormed and registered with the Finnish Kennelclub. 

I am an agility coach and I've actively trained agility and Search And Rescue for more than 10 years.

Courses that I have attended

  • Vapepa Search And Rescue course 2012
  • SPeKL Search And Rescue dog trainer course 2015
  • Breeder basic course 2016
  • Vapepa SAR terrain leader 2016
  • SAR Orienteering trainer 2018
  • Dog trial steward course 2019-2022
  • Basic course for breeding advisors 2021
  • AVA1 agility trainer course 2020
  • AVA2 agility trainer course ongoing 2022-?