Miniature american shepherd, female

Basic info

Born 19.12.2019 

Red with white and tan markings

Height 49 cm, weight 16 kg

Chili in the Finnish Pedigree Database, Koiranet

Health results

Chilis Mydogdna-results (DM carrier, all else CLEAR)

Health checked eyes clear 28.12.2020, 4.1.2021: hips B/B, knees 0/0, elbows 0/0, heart clear, back LTV1 (lumbosacral transitional vertebra mildly abnormal structure) and VA1 (mild vertebral anomaly)

Titling and trials

PAIM-T sheepherding aptitude test accepted 9/2020 (FCI NHAT- natural herding aptitude test)

SPeKL basic tracking test approved 6/2021

MH character description attended 3.7.2021 with approved results. Video to the test.

One conformation show in 2020 with result Good (which I am happy about since she is very much oversized).

About Chili

Chili is a brave and determined young dog with lots of energy. She is social with other dogs but a bit wild and unruly. She tends to play a bit rough. She is not the easiest of dogs, since she is very energetic and headstrong, but she is very easily trainable which makes up for the negatives. She is an amazing dog to work with. 

We are currently training for agility, herding and SAR work. She is very eager to please and easy to train. She listens and is very biddable, she loves treats and learns things quickly. She has a little tendency to get over-eager, but not badly, with sheep she is quite easy to control, same in the agility course. Search and rescue is fantastic with her, she is always determined and focused, tracking has never been hard with her.-